Linux and open-source software in general are among the fastest growing areas of technology today. Renowned for its reliability, security, flexibility and low resource requirements, Linux has been making steady in-roads into the corporate IT environment for several years now as more and more people realise the benefits of replacing or combining expensive proprietary software with free Linux and open-source alternatives.

The backing that Linux has received in recent years from such corporate heavyweights as IBM, HP and Sun only serves to confirm what some of us have known for quite a while: Linux is now a truly viable alternative to Unix and Microsoft for many business functions.

Examples of the sort of tasks for which Linux and open-source software have proved to be viable solutions include:

If you are considering implementing a new Linux solution within your company, or are interested in migrating an existing system over to Linux, we can help. Examples of the kind of consultancy services we can provide to your business include:

Our preferred Linux distributions to work with are Debian or Red-Hat, but we are prepared to utilise any of the alternatives if you have an overriding preference.

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Last modified: 02/04/2005